How to enroll?


To enroll, please make an appointment using the contact details at the top of this website. Be sure to bring a copy of your current diploma (min. 2th degree of the secondary school) and identity card.

If you have to come from far away, registration is also possible via e-mail. Please send the following documents to highest diploma or certificate, copy of your identity card and the enrollment form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The status and equivalence of foreign diplomas is verified.

It is advisable to visit the workshops beforehand. You can visit them at any time during the school year, but it is best to make an appointment first so that we can devote the necessary time to your visit.

If you have the necessary diploma or certificate and experience in violin or guitar making, you can also start directly in the 7th year (restoration). You will then have to present yourself beforehand to the practical teachers with the instruments you have already built.

Age limit

To start in the first year, you must not be older than 24 when the lessons start (1 September). There is no age limit for pupils who are directly admitted into the 3th year. (specialization years)


It is best to register first using our form. Please note: this is not a registration! We only use this form to collect the necessary information to carry out a possible enrolment.