Admission requirements

The training is situated in the third grade of the Vocational Secondary Education (BSO), being the fifth, sixth and seventh year.

  • In order to start in the first year of guitar or violin making (fifth year BSO), you must at least have passed the second degree of secondary school.
  • Foreign candidates must be in possession of a certificate or diploma that is at least equivalent to the 4th year BSO certificate of the Flemish Community.
  • In addition, motivation, skill, a sense of accuracy, independence and an interest in music are important requirements.


Pupils who have already obtained a diploma of secondary education can obtain exemptions for some subjects if they have followed these in a previous course. (Dutch, Physical Education, Religion/Christianity, PAV, ...). The final decision is always made by the school.

The diploma of foreign candidates will have to be verified for equivalence. You can consult the European Qualifications Framework for this yourself. To obtain exemptions, your diploma has to be classified at least in level 4.

If you have successfully completed these three years of study, you will receive a diploma in musical instrument building that gives you access to higher education.