1.1. Application

The websites below are managed by the APB Provincial Education Antwerp and are part of the Province of Antwerp group. The APB Provincial Education Antwerp (hereafter abbreviated as 'APB POA') has the following institutions under its management:


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  • Content: APB POA - PIVA
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  • Content: APB POA – PITO Stabroek
  • Technical: Provincie Antwerpen


  • Content: APB POA - avAnt
  • Technical: Provincie Antwerpen


  • Content: APB POA – PTS Campus Mechelen
  • Technical: Provincie Antwerpen


  • Content: APB POA – PTS Campus Boom
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  • Content: APB POA – CVO Vitant
  • Technical: Provincie Antwerpen

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1.2. Conditions of use of this website

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1.3. Liability

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